Bitcoin mining pools help miners receive frequent payouts instead of only receiving a payout when they solve a block.

Bitcoin Pool Chart

The image below shows each mining pool’s current share of the Bitcoin network hash rate:

Which is the Best Mining Pool?

Below we have listed some of the most popular and best Bitcoin mining pools.

Slush Mining Pool

Slush mining pool was the first Bitcoin mining pool, and it remains popular to this day!

It gives users a number of options that no other pool offers, like sigaling for new Bitcoin features.


BTCC is a big mining pool based in China. It’s run by–you guessed it–BTCC! The company also runs BTCC China, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges.

Ant Pool

Ant Pool is the biggest Bitcoin mining pool, with about 17% of the network hash rate. Its based in China, so it’s not a good choice for any Western miners!

Bitcoin Mining Pool Best Payout

There is no “best payout” for a mining pool. Your earnings will depend on how powerful your Bitcoin mining hardware is compared to the rest of the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Pools for Beginners

Mining is complicated and beginners will likely have a tough time finding one that is easy to use. Anyway, you should just buy bitcoins instead of trying to mine if you are new to Bitcoin.